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Pre-Save "Everything's Fine" Now!


I am so excited to announce that my new single “Everything’s Fine” will be out June 17th! Don’t you find yourself saying that phrase a lot lately? I know I do! I had been sitting on this little melody and partial lyric (“It’s fine fine, everything’s fine, sweeping the floor of a house on fire”) for like 6 months, but really wanted to bring in some fresh perspective on it. When I sat down to write with Justin Klump and Lauryn Tauber, I knew they were the ones to finish it with! I was actually supposed to go into the studio the next day to record a slower song, but when we finished writing “Everything’s Fine,” I immediately sent it to my producers (Mark Lonsway, David Dorn, and Justin Ostrander) and told them “Change of plans for the song tomorrow!” This is by far the smallest window between writing a song and the day it gets released, and it’s definitely made it even more exciting! I feel like I haven’t even had a chance to fully take in this song’s existence (or even perform it live!), so it’s going to feel like we’re truly experiencing the release together! I can’t wait to hear what you think of this song. Pretty please make sure to share it, add to your playlists, favorite it on Spotify, rate 5 stars on iTunes, etc. Every little bit helps! Also, I totally can’t wait to see your TikToks and Reels to the song featuring your “it’s fine” moments! Anyone’s dog ever had an accident inside just before your robot vacuum went through the entire house? Everything’s fine! Life can sure feel like a dumpster fire at times, and sometimes the only cure is laughter. I hope you find yourself shrugging off those spilt milk moments and singing “It’s fine fine, everything’s fine!

More big news! I recently signed a record deal with Vere Music!

You can read more about it in the exclusive announcement with Music Row Magazine!

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